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I have always known what I have wanted in life.

If I wanted something I would try to get it.

If I could not get it I would accept the fact that I would just have to do with out it for the time being.

I will always keep trying to get what I want,but I do understand the fact that it is best to not get too obsessed wanting something that is impossible to have at this time.

Sometimes one just need to know when to say "NO" or simply "This can not be afforded this at this time" and wait until it can be safely purchased,but for many that simple fact is just impossible to deal with.

For many today it is in it's self impossible to just wait and buy something later,the need for instant gratification is just too over powering,there is a physical NEED to reward ones self NOW,I find that fact sad.

I am not a poor person but I live on a budget that I created for myself and I live with-in that budget at all times.

I have not bought a WII,PS3,XBOX,XBOX-360 or a PSP yet simply because the budget I set for myself can not support any of these items,BUT I could easily buy them all if I so chose - but I will not because while I have the money I also have a budget and I will not set aside one for the gratification of another lesser ideal.

I practice what I preach and preach what I practice,simple and easy,you should try the same. END.